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machinery for the processing of chocolate

Renato Selmi starts back in 1965 with the processing of hazelnut paste, to then move on to chocolate tempering and enrobing machines, in which he specialises.

The evolution happens in 1987, the year in which Paolo Selmi joins his father in the business. From that moment, the combination of technology, knowledge of the raw material and the constant strive for efficiency and perfection, have allowed the company to become the undisputed leader on a national and international level for the production of machinery for the processing of artisanal chocolate and for the roasting of coffee, nuts.

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Selmi training centre. Chocolate processing courses
Selmi group: Internal view of the company
Production facilities for chocolate
simultaneous dispensing machine One Shot and SPIDER Circular Vertical Cooling Tunnel


the strengths of our company

Selmi is a point of reference when it comes to machinery and accessories for the processing of chocolate in all its forms: pralines, bars, truffles, chocolate snacks, chocolate bean to bar, spreadable creams.
The technology is tailored for the client, practical, flexible, easy to use, performs well and is aesthetically pleasing

Chocolate tempering machines, coating machines and accessories used for the creation of moulded pralines, chocolate bars, truffles and hollow bodies.

Comfit coating pans for the creation of chocolate dragees and sugar confects.

Micron ball refiners used for refining nuts, creating anhydrous base pastes of pure fruit and spreadable creams.

Oneshot Tuttuno simultaneous chocolate dispenser for the creation of bars and pralines in a single operation, simultaneously producing the external chocolate coating and the internal ganache.

Machines for the extrusion of truffles and chocolate products.

Cooling Tunnel, coating and moulding lines for pralines and bars.

Complete product line of machinery for the creation of Bean to Bar chocolate, starting with the roasting of the single origin cocoa bean and ending with the finished product made with personalised recipes.

Product line for the processing of nuts, designed to roast and crush nuts like hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds so as to obtain anhydrous pastes of pure fruit for spreadable creams and for the processing of artisanal ice-cream.

Machines for roasting coffee and nuts.

Selmi’s machines are unique, wholly made in our company’s production site and benefit from a reduced need for technical interventions.
Commissioning is always carried out at the customer’s premises following a sale.

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Oneshot Tuttuno simultaneous dispensing machine


Discover more about our simultaneous dispensing machine, ideal for the creation, in a single operation, of filled products,
amongst which pralines on polycarbonate moulds, boules, eggs and products with particular features.

OneShot Tuttuno, simultaneous dispensing machine designed to produce, in a single operation, filled products, amongst which pralines on polycarbonate moulds, boules, eggs and products with particular features.

The machine injects in different times and ways chocolate and fillings in the percentages required by the client, simultaneously creating the outer chocolate coating and the filling of the praline. The tempering unit, located behind the machine, provides a continuous feed of chocolate by means of a recirculation pump. The operator dispenses the filling via the temperature-controlled hopper on the machine head or via continuous feed from the tempering machine located on the side.

Tuttuno in combination with the vertical cooling tunnel SPIDER, which has the main advantage of being of compact size. Despite the reduced dimensions it can contain within it more than 110 moulds; the column spiral has an inclination of 1% which is important for the cooling of the contained product, giving a planar result, that is to say that the chocolate in the moulds will be distributed evenly.

Designed for the workshops that do not have large amounts of space and need continuous cooling. It has a productivity of up to 4 moulds per minute depending on the quantity of product within the mould. The machine has the ability to set the internal cooling temperature via simple controls on a touch screen, which also allows the operator to centrally control all the functionalities.

The automatic demoulder demoulder is added to complete and give very high performance and productivity to the production line: It has a productivity of 4 moulds per minute. It automatically demoulds the pralines or bars upon exiting the SPIDER onto a mat that will feed wrapping machines or, as another option, onto a rigid support whilst avoiding the need for manual intervention from the operator.

selmi. Chocolate machinery. Bean To Bar
logo Selmi Training Centre


success requires preparation

The company has for some time taken the decision to support its core business with the provision of training by offering courses on chocolate and coffee with the aim of passing on knowledge and processing techniques to professionals within the sector who want to improve their skills, which are often related to very specific and focused processing.
Selmi offers its clients personalised “ONE TO ONE” consultancies with the company’s chefs of a duration of two, three or five days.
Via this service the company offers the opportunity to see in action its machines and equipment which temper, process and transform chocolate, to personally test the functionality, to bring out the high performance and to physically discover the efficiency, reliability and the possibility to create a variety of products according to the needs of each client, such as:

Basic chocolate
Chocolate dragees and sugar confects
Spreadable creams, pralines, base pastes for ice-creams
Bean to Bar
Balancing filled chocolate with One Shot processing
Long-life fillings
Creation of a coffee blend and roasting
Coffee bar course
Business management

The harmony between innovation and passion is what makes Selmi the undisputed point of reference in the sector of chocolate production. Our training offer is directed to both Italian and foreign operators as the courses are held in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

selmi. Chocolate machinery. Bean To Bar

Continuous chocolate tempering machine

If you need to produce large quantities of tempered chocolate,
the best possible solution is to use a Selmi tempering machine.

The main goal of the chocolate tempering machine is to adequately pre-crystallize the cocoa butter within the chocolate, hence preparing it for the processing of pralines in moulds and for chocolate coated products such as cuttable ganaches, biscuits, cakes by using a combination of the tempering machine with the appropriate accessories such as a chocolate injection plate or the RS200 chocolate coating belt. The latter allows for the product to be chocolate coated in its entirety as well as partially or just along its base. It is thanks to the tempering of the chocolate that you will be able to obtain a perfect finished product with a shiny surface and with remarkable crunchiness.

The difference between chocolate that has been processed via a tempering machine and one simply melted at 40/45 degrees is that the latter will not have a shiny look to it. The chocolate tempering procedure is based on the ideal processing temperature so as to make sure that the crystalline structure of the cocoa butter is stable. Another notable advantage of chocolate processed via a tempering machine is the ease of its removal from the moulds, which would not be the case without a correct tempering of the chocolate or if the chocolate was exposed to fast temperature variations.

The EX Selmi chocolate tempering machine models (Color EX, Plus EX, Futura EX, Top EX) also have a removable screw pump to allow the user to add to the chocolate hazelnut and dried fruit granules or cocoa nibs to increase the aroma.

The cleaning of the continuous chocolate tempering machines model EX® (Selmi registered brand) is very simple and fast; the screw pump can be removed from the machine and cleaned with water in 5 minutes.

Machines for the production of
chocolate spreadable creams

Would you like to create a perfect spreadable chocolate cream but you are unsure on what device or equipment is needed?

Thanks to the culture derived from the old Piedmontese artisans and the experience of our master chocolatiers and technicians, Maurizio Allodi, Luciano Varetto and Gabriele Rinaudo, in the processing of chocolate, Selmi has created the best professional equipment for the production of spreadable chocolate creams.

The machines to be used are:
a nuts toaster
Roaster 102
Roaster 106
Roaster 120
A Grinder for the pre-refining of nuts
A ball refiner (Micron 25 or Micron 50) in which the product will be introduced with the addition of the necessary ingredients to create the spreadable chocolate cream recipe in the various desired flavours: almond, hazelnut, pistachio, nuts or any dried fruit.

With the same machines and using the same production process it is possible to create anhydrous pastes of pure fruit (100%) to be used as a base for the production of ice cream, without adding flavours, colours and fats.

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