Chocoliner: chocolate aligner for Chocoform extruder

chocolate aligner for Chocoform extruder


This machine, consisting of four aligners, is located between the extruder and the coating belt and optimises the productive capacity of the line.

By making use of an oscillatory motion with adjustable steps the product is sorted into lines, transported towards the coating zone and subsequent cooling in the tunnel. It should be noted that the entire process is automated and does not require the manual input of the operator, hence avoiding damage to the previously extruded product.

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25.000,00 €

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Technical specifications

  • Electrical specifications: 230V single phase 50-60 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 0.4 kW, 16 A.
  • Hourly production (estimated): 40-50 Kg (it supports the hourly production of the Chocoform).
  • Dimensions: H 1230, L 860, W 760 mm.
Selmi Group

Watch the video of the Chocoliner

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