Coffeelab: coffee and nuts roasting process line

Technical specifications

  • Electrical specifications: 400 V three-phase 50 / 60HZ.
  • Total required power: 16 kW
  • Nm. 2 Power plugs: 16 A - 5 poles
  • Max loading hopper capacity: 2 kg
  • Storage silo capacity: 20 l each
  • Coffee roasting time: 13-16 min.
  • Dimensions: h. 2600 mm, l. 3500 mm, p. 1300 mm

automatic line for coffee roasting - workshop


Selmi’s new COFFEELAB: brings innovation and technology to the roasting of coffee - the most loved and consumed product in the world.

Featuring a stainless steel structure with wheels, the COFFEELAB is equipped with four Loading Silos for green coffee and the Selmi ROASTER 102 together with a special transportation system that incorporates a special elevator to deposit the roasted coffee into the four Storage Silos.

Using the Touch Screen Control Panel you can choose previously stored recipes: each silos will then dispense the quantity of product necessary to create your particular coffee blend. The beans will then be transported to the roasting chamber of the ROASTER 102 via a belt located at the base of the discharge slot.

The ROASTER 102 uses Selmi’s exclusive air cyclone system (Vertiflow® patent) which is particularly versatile for the heart roasting of coffee. The machine has a number of programs which control the heating temperature of the air using a core probe which identifies the right roasting & cooling temperatures as well as the appropriate time for final discharge after which the roasted coffee is transported via the bucket elevator to the final Storage Silos.

The aromas released during the roasting together with visual impact of the COFFEELAB in operation makes a big impression on customers and raises the perception of customers to the quality and freshness of the coffee in the Coffee Shop.

If required, the graphics on the COFFEELAB can be customised on request.
The ROASTER 102 needs connection to a small flue and will need an external exit for coffee cooling.
Also required is a source of compressed air - 120 lt / min. 6 Bar. The compressed air must be filtered dry and oiled.


Selmi Group

Watch the video of the Coffeelab

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