Mould Loader. Chocolate moulding machine.

Mould Loader 175

Automatic loader for filling and vibrating polycarbonate moulds and production of solid bodies only. (Mould size 275 x 175 mm).
The system uses the TOP EX tempering machine and is very compact in size even though it performs the same automated operations until now delegated to the traditional industrial lines for the production of solids (tablets, napolitaines etc... ).

There are three mould handlings and workstations:

  • – Filling can take place either via a perforated injection plate or directly from the tempering machine and subsequent cleaning of the mould is done by means of scrapes.
  • – 1st level of vibration.
  • – 2nd level of vibration.
  • – Ejection of the mould will take place directly onto the slides of the cooling tunnel for the subsequent demoulding.

On this type of machine we recommend the combination of a TANK200 / 400 kg with level sensor to cater for the high productivity of the machine.

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19.700,00 €

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  • Option to modify to three phase 220 V – 50/60 Hz.
  • Needs to be connected to a compressed air.

Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification: 220 V. ingle phase – 50 Hz.
  • Required power 1,5 Kw – 16 A – 3 poles.
  • Hourly production rate: 250-300 stampi.
  • Mould size: 275×175 mm.
  • Dimensions: h. 1500, w. 2300, d. 950 mm.
Selmi Group

Watch the video of the Mould Loader 175

Examples of production lines configuration

Mould Loader 175. 13,2 mt configuration for 4/5 mould/min of bars, napolitaines
Machinery and equipment for chocolate, coffee and dried fruit processing.Selmi Group
Mould Loader 175. 4,8 mt configuration for 4 moulds/min of bars, napolitaines, with Spider vertical tunnel
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