Automatic Demoulder
Automatic demoulder for chocolate pralines and bars

Chocolate moulding machine

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Automatic demoulder of chocolate pralines and bars from their mould

The Automatic Demoulder is designed to carry out the automatic demoulding of chocolate pralines and bars that are held inside moulds.

The production rate of this machine is 4 moulds per minute. It can, as an option, be loaded manually but it achieves a very high performance and productivity rate if combined with the SPIDER cooling tunnel. The moulds are automatically demoulded onto a rigid surface at the exit of the tunnel, hence avoiding manual intervention from the operator.

The mat will carry the product to the wrapping machine or to the packaging line.

The machine needs to be connected to compressed air with a pressure of 6 BAR and 100 litres/minute.

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Automatic Demoulder