Chocolate cooling vertical tunnel - New Model

Footprint: Less than 3m2

Mould capacity: More than 120

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Spider Chocolate cooling and moulding vertical tunnel

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Vertical spiral cooling tunnel for molded chocolate

New model with internal mold transport system using an innovative modular belt which guarantees very low differences in level in order to create greater linearity of mold transport inside the cooling chamber as well as allowing the operator to clean the tunnel easily and completely.

Angular air distribution to ensure optimal cooling of the chocolate and pralines, greater compatibility with different types of molds on the market with maximum dimensions of 175x275mm with a height up to 40mm.

An essential peculiarity of this machine is its total compactness in terms of occupied space, functionality and high productivity.

Selmi has created an innovative movement of the molds which allows maximum exposure of the same to the cooling airflow. The system is covered by an international patent.

The increased height dimensions allow to benefit from increased capacity and greater permanence of the molds inside the refrigerated area, improving cooling. It can contain more than 125 molds inside.

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