Spider Max
Chocolate cooling vertical tunnel - New Model

Path: about 100 linear meters

Mould capacity: Up to 260

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Spider Max chocolate cooling and moulding vertical tunnel

Vertical spiral cooling tunnel for molded chocolate

The new SPIDER MAX Vertical Spiral Chocolate Cooling Tunnel is a new solution with high production capacity for cooling chocolate, pralines, bars, snacks, and filled napolitaines in molds.

A New High-Performance Model designed and engineered for integration with chocolate production lines combined with the Oneshot Tuttuno 9, this model offers doubled dimensions to ensure longer mold retention within the cooling chamber, thus improving product crystallization, quality, and productivity.

The Spiral Transport System of which is equipped the tunnel is divided into two separate and synchronized circuits, one ascending and one descending, which combined, provides a surface of about 100 linear meters.

The internal modular transport and handling belt ensures minimal slope differences, facilitating the linear transport of molds and also easing the cleaning and sanitization of the cooling tunnel during work breaks.

Due to the increased height dimensions and doubled capacity, the tunnel can hold over 260 molds, benefiting from increased capacity and longer retention in the refrigerated area, thereby enhancing cooling.

The SPIDER MAX is also particularly suitable for the fast cooling of other products such as biscuits and bakery products, superfoods, protein bars, snacks, and cereal, dried fruit, and sugar-based extruded clusters, as well as any product not coated in chocolate.

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Examples of production line configuration

Tunnel Spider Max with Temperatrice TOP EX

Top Ex + Tank 400 + Mould loader 175 + Spider Max + Spinner exit 275 + Demoulding

Tunnel chocolate production line with chocolate tempering machine Plus EX REQUEST INFORMATION AND QUOTES
Selmi. Macchine per il cioccolato.

Tunnel Spider Max with One Shot TUTTUNO 9

Charger 275 + Tuttuno 9 + Vibra 275 + Spider max + Demoulding

Tunnel chocolate production line with TUTTUNO 9 REQUEST INFORMATION AND QUOTES