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RS200 chocolate enrobing machine

Selmi’s chocolate enrobing machines offer a precise and continuous consistent process that ensures an end product with a uniform thickness and a perfect finish.

With an array of adjustable controls, Selmi’s chocolate enrobers are designed to provide unparalleled control and accuracy to help you make the best enrobed products possible.

The air blower can tilt and hence allows for its regulation in height, to the right and to the left.

Double tail cutting roller: The first is located at the end of the coating zone and the second is located between the loading area and the coating area so as to improve the distribution of the chocolate on the base of the product.

Ability to adjust the distance between the tail cutting roller and the belt transporting the coated product so as to allow the operator to fully coat much smaller products than the standard size right down to sizes of 10mm. This also allows for the coating of products with spherical or irregular shapes.

Ability to tense the coating mesh and loading mesh.

The coating belt is in three sections and installed on a tilting trolley. The loading area can be stopped to increase the accuracy and the positioning times of the product which needs to be coated. The coating area features a mechanical vibration of the coating mesh, which helps to create a uniform coating of the product, and an air blower for controlling the dripping from the chocolate which can be adjusted electronically via the control panel. The latter features an alimentary filter and millimetric adjustment of the working height.
The coating speed is electronically adjustable via the operator control panel.

This coating belt was designed for the more demanding workshops and chocolatiers as it allows for precise repetitive processing of any product whilst keeping unchanged the weights and thicknesses.

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