Chocolate cooling and covering tunnels

TUNNEL 200/250

The production speed of this machine ranges from 20 to 150 cm/min.

The Tunnel 400 has a completely integrated coating section which is easily assembled and washed.

The machine was designed to allow working with more than one tempering machine, which can be swapped over upon changing the colour of the coating.

Data sheet PDF download
chocolate coating and cooling tunnel 200-250


  • Can be used with Plus Ex, Futura Ex and Top Ex.
  • Designed for the artisanal needs of patisseries and chocolateries.
  • Machine is entirely controlled via a touch screen.
  • Heated coating area (day and night).
  • Can be connected to a detacher.
  • Option to modify to three-phase 220 V – 50/60 Hz.

Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification: 400 V. three phase – 50 Hz.
  • Power required: 2,8 Kw – 16 A – 5 poles.
  • Optimal ambient temperature: 20/25 °C, maximum 32 °C.
  • Cooling unit: 3200 frigorie/h.
  • Dimensions: l. 3/4/5 mt, d. 850 mm
  • Working width: 200/250 mm
Selmi Group

Watch the video of the chocolate cooling tunnel 200/250


Tunnel 200 / 3m + Plus Ex

Chocolate coating and cooling tunnel 300 + Continuous tempering machine Plus Ex
Machinery and equipment for chocolate, coffee and dried fruit processing.Selmi Group

Tunnel 250 / 4m + Futura Ex

Chocolate coating and cooling tunnel 400 + Continuous tempering machine Futura Ex
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