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Single-origin coffee, nuts, and cocoa roasting machines

If you need to roast large quantities of coffee, nuts and single origin cocoa beans, the best possible solution is to use a professional Selmi Roaster.

An excellent combination and close connection between the world of chocolate and roasting of coffee, cocoa beans, and dried nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, and peanuts, but also sunflower seeds or other varieties and types, means that for more than ten (10) years, Selmi group has devoted part of its design and production energies to the (the development) of coffee, dried fruit, and cocoa beans roasting machines.

Selmi Roasting Machinery, a division dedicated to professional roasting machines, is the result of a series of innovative patents that have led the company to expand its user market, multiplying contacts and requests in order to better respond to different targets and production needs.

The goals of Selmi Roasting Machinery are to offer artisans, through the use of the ROASTER available in two different models of production capacity, initially patented for coffee roasting but now a valuable tool for any laboratory who wishes to roast independently, to offer the possibility of supplementing traditional roasting systems with an alternative and more appropriate method for roasting cereals, dried nuts, cocoa beans, seeds and any product.

With this innovation, the artisan can benefit from additional quality control on the production line, which is now a fundamental requirement for anyone who has a passion for the food sector and industry.
Independently roasting the product to its individual requirements leads to the direct production of dried fruits, roasted to perfection, intended for the manufacture of semi-finished products which today are largely used in ice cream parlors, pastry shops, and chocolate factories.
The roasting, which is controlled and personalized by the professional, is of the highest quality.

In addition, it is not necessary to wash or clean Selmi roasters when changing the product, as there is no production residue because the products are roasted in air suspension (fluidized bed) with uniform roasting, unlike static ovens that radiate the product from the outside, tending to retain moisture inside and at the core of the product.

The Vertiflow System, an innovative and patented roasting system, with which all Selmi coffee roasters are equipped, is certainly the most innovative roasting system currently on the market, combining concepts such as production speed, ease of use and very small dimensions with the best core roasting ever tested in the roaster and rotisserie market.

The absence of moving mechanical parts inside of the roasting chambre avoids the “poor treatment” of the raw material, inevitable in traditional systems, in particular the hazelnut, an essential ingredient in many pastry and chocolate recipes, that is hulled up and peel 95% at the end of the roasting.
One of the advantages of this system is the flexibility of being able to roast the coffee and then the dried fruit without transmitting any type of pollution to the product.

Selmi is also able to design and build customized industrial roasting machines, equipped with loading hoppers for green coffee, pressing machines to eliminate residual impurities naturally present in coffee, suitable containers for degassing and machines for the automatic bagging of the roasted product.

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Selmi's ROASTER professional rotisserie is available in three different models with different productivity capacities.
Initially patented for roasting coffee, today they are a valuable tool for companiesthat wish to roast autonomously and customize the roasting of cereals, nuts, cocoa beans, seeds, and any other desired products.
This innovation allows the artisan to have a higher level of quality control in their production chain; an unavoidable requirement today for those who work with passion in the food industry.

Roaster 106 coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans roasting machine

Roaster 106

Coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans roasting machines

Roaster 120 coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans roasting machine

Roaster 120

Coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans roasting machines

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