Conca 200-400, chocolate processing machine. Chocolate mixture

Bean to Bar chocolate

Conca 200-400

Melting mixer for chocolate bean to bar production

Conching is an important element of the complete chocolate transformation process and the CONCA 200-400 enhances the aromatic profiles of Bean to Bar chocolate and removes any negative "acidity" together with any residues of humidity. The CONCA 200-200 features a heated tank with a central mixer that continuously stirs the chocolate - this oxygenates it and creates a homogeneous and defect-free product in a cycle lasting 8 / 12h.

The new model of CONCA 200 and 400 features a greatly improved system for mixing the chocolate, thanks to an innovative inertial rotary system which, in addition to the usual rotation of the stirrer, adds a second and simultaneous orbital rotation. This method of conching produces a final product with incomparable aromatic notes.

The touch screen control panel, which is located on the front of the machine, enables the operator to customise four aspects of the machine’s operation: duration, temperature, emulsion intensity and oxygenation by means of variable air flow.

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  • Compact dimensions.
  • Ideal for the medium to large workshop and chocolateries.
  • Mixer designed for the perfect homogenization of the chocolate.
  • Programs can be personalised by the operator.

Conca 200 Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification: 400V three phases 50Hz
  • Required power: 4 kW - 16A – 5 poles
  • Tank capacity: 200 Kg
  • Dimensions: d. 1030 mm, w. 950 mm (1080 mm
  • with lid open and dispensing spout on the right side), h. 1370 mm (1815 mm with lid open)

Conca 400 Technical specifications

  • Electrical specifications: 400V three-phase 50Hz.
  • Power required: 5.5 KW 16A - 5 poles.
  • Tank capacity: 350 Kg.
  • Dimensions: p. 1030 mm, l. 950 mm (1080 mm with open lid), h. 1370 mm (1815 mm with open lid)
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Watch the video of the Conca 200-400

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