Filler Vasi: pot filler. Spread cream filling machine

pot filler

Filler vasi

This machine is designed for the potting of spreadable creams of medium and high density and viscosity. The gear pump is built of alimentary grade aluminium and can inject at pressures of up to 4 atmospheres.

The body of the pump can be completely dismantled and cleaned in just a few minutes and thus facilitates the changing of the cream to be potted. It is particularly suitable for clients who produce pastes and alimentary conserves of all types.

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6.900,00 €

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Technical specifications

  • Electrical specification: 220 V. single phase – 50 Hz.
  • Power required: 0,9 Kw – 16 A – 3 poles.
  • Tank capacity: 6 Kg.
  • Hourly production rate: 50 Kg.
  • Dimensions: h. 700, I. 380, p. 380 mm.
Selmi Group

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