Truffle. Coating machine for chocolate truffles

Coating machine for chocolate truffles


Two section coating belt.
Dripping of chocolate aided by mechanical vibration.
Double curtain chocolate coating hopper.
Supporting rotating table synchronised with the coating belt.

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5.800,00 €

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  • Compatible with Legend, Plus Ex, Futura Ex, Top Ex.
  • Can be used to make truffles in patisseries.
  • Interchangeable aluminium plates.
  • Plate speed synchronised to that of the coating belt.

Technical specifications

  • Truffle plate diameter 800 mm.
  • Dimensions h. 1.100, l. 800, p. 400 mm.
  • 800 mm diameter rotating distributor plate, with a speed of 3 turns per minute, safety clutch on the slow shaft.
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