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Simultaneous chocolate dosing depositor machines
One Shot Tuttuno

If your need is to make chocolate filled products in a single operation, such as pralines in polycarbonate moulds, chocolate boules, chocolate eggs, chocolate bars and products with special shapes, the best possible solution is to use a Selmi Tuttuno One Shot Depositor simultaneous chocolate pouring machine.

The One Shot Tuttuno chocolate dosing and dispensing machine injects chocolate and other fillings in different percentages, times and modalities, according to the requirements of the user. The machine produces, in a single procedure, both the external chocolate shell and the internal filling of the praline.

A tempering machine, located behind the ONE SHOT, feeds tempered chocolate in a continuous cycle through a recirculation pump.
The chocolate filling is dispensed either by the operator from the thermoregulated hopper at the head of the machine or in a continuous cycle from the tempering machine at the side.
Quick cleaning permit to change flavor of filling ganache and format in no time.

Tuttuno can produce over 120 chocolate moulds per hour when combined with the SPIDER vertical chocolate cooling tunnel, which has the advantage of a small, compact size.
The cooling tunnel's rising spiral has an inclination gradient of 1%, which will not affect the cooling of the products contained within. The resulting product will be uniformly distributed within each mould.

A conveniently placed touch screen control panel gives access to all the functions of the machine, allowing the user to easily set the internal cooling temperature.

The productivity and performance of the line is further enhanced by the combination with the Automatic Demoulder. It has a production speed of 4 moulds per minute and automatically demoulds the pralines or chocolate bars onto a mat upon exiting the SPIDER, which can then feed the wrapping lines or, as an alternative option, on a rigid support, in order to avoid manual handling by the operator.

The One Shot Tuttuno line was designed for chocolate production and processing workshops that are short of space and need a continuous cooling system. It can reach a production speed of 4 moulds per minute according to the amount of chocolate held within the moulds.

Complete Simultaneous chocolate dosing depositor One Shot Tuttuno production line

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Automatic Demoulder

Automatic demoulding of pralines and chocolate bars

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