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Extruder machine for chocolate products and truffles

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Chocoform extruder machine for chocolate products and truffles

CHOCOFORM is a machine that works with the pressure on a cylindrical cartridge of chocolate, hazelnut, almond, etc. For greater production of chocolates in a certain shape.

The cartridges, previously made by pre crystalizing the recipe into a tempering machine from our EX-range (EX= tempering machine with removable screw for Easy cleaning), will be formed into the chosen shape and size by the Chocoform machine.

The Touch Screen panel will show the pressure, all other parameters and according to the desired matrix and the program set, a synchronized blade will cut the chocolates to the chosen size. The settable speed will also determine the hourly production.

The placement of a cooling tunnel and of an automatic truffle machine, side by side to the CHOCOFORM, will help to transform the shape and structure of the product made by this machine to the ultimate truffle design and taste.

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Automatic truffles and truffle chocolate production line

Chocoform extruder and machines for extruding truffles, snacks, bars and any chocolate product.

Simple to use, it enables large productions in a simple and extremely fast way. It is in fact possible to produce in advance, by means of Ex Generation chocolate tempering machines with removable screw pump, the special chocolate product cartridges with the addition of inclusions such as hazelnut, pistachio, almond, cashew, peanut, candied and dehydrated fruit grains, or roasted chia, poppy, sunflower seeds, small cereals, puffed rice or cornflakes and small pieces of crispy wafers.

Everything is processed directly while tempering the chocolate inside the tempering machine and then poured into special polycarbonate moulds made by Selmi and supplied with the machine.

The Chocoform chocolate truffle extruder then uses the pressure of the cartridges, previously crystallised inside the tempering machine, to cut and shape them into countless shapes and sizes. It is possible to connect and accessorize the Chocoform extruder with different types of accessories such as the Automatic Truffle for finishing truffles with cocoa powder, sugar and dried fruit granules or the tunnel line for automatic chocolate enrobing and cooling.

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