Linear extruder for protein bars, super food and almond paste

Continuous extrusion of compounds for protein bars, super food, almond paste, ganache and gianduja

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Extruder: Linear extruder for protein bars, super food and almond paste

New continuous linear extruder, innovative as it uses the pressure inside special patented screw pumps to produce large quantities of products, in particular protein snacks and super foods.

Particularly suitable for the extrusion of marzipan, almond paste, hazelnuts, peanuts and other types of nuts, date pastes, orange pastes and for the preparation and creation of bars, protein snacks, super foods and any compound of similar consistency.

The machine works using thermoregulated screw pumps which transport and shape the dough into the chosen format, through a duct with an interchangeable 3-hole head.

The loading of the product to be extruded occurs manually by inserting the compound into the upper loading hopper.

The guillotine cut allows the operator to choose the format, size and final weight of the extruded product which, thanks to the connection with the coating and cooling tunnel, facilitates its enrobing with chocolate as well as any decoration, guaranteeing a high production which amounts to approximately 100/120 kilograms/hour of extruded product, covered, cooled and ready for subsequent packaging.

The machine is equipped with a comfortable and intuitive touch screen panel on which it is possible to view and choose the product format and extrusion speed. The thermoregulated plate entirely in aluminium, placed below the screw pumps, allows to choose whether to work in heated or refrigerated mode thanks to the on-board refrigeration unit.

Easily sanitized and washable for product changes thanks to the removable head and augers, it allows for high versatility of use and a wide range of products that can be produced.

We recommend combining it with the chocolate tempering machine and the enrobing and cooling tunnel in order to guarantee high productivity.

Extrudable products and compounds:

  • - Almond paste
  • - Ganaches
  • - Gianduja paste
  • - Date paste, candied fruit, peanut paste, hazelnut and any nuts
  • - compounds for protein bars
  • - compounds for super food products

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Complete line for extrusion, chocolate coating and subsequent cooling of protein bars, super food, almond paste, ganache and gianduja



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